Darcy Fowler

Other People’s People

Filmed the short Other People’s People starring Caitlin Fitzgerald, Peter Mark Kendall, Jacob Perkins, Catherine Curtin, Will Pullen, Kara Young

Written by Mike Lavoie and Carlee Briglia

Directed by James Fauvell





New Timers Season 2

Filmed Season 2 of the Comedy Central webseries New Timers 





Reviews for “Five Times In One Night”

Ms. Fowler and Mr. Dawson are virtuosos of comic timing — they know how to make a line sing, zing or sting, as the moment requires.  - New York Times

“Darcy Fowler and Dylan Dawson play five couples, and they’re both excellent, exhibiting a winning range of comic and dramatic styles.” - The New Yorker

“Dylan Dawson and Darcy Fowler play them all [their rolls] with aplomb, transforming seamlessly…” - TIME OUT (Critic’s pick)

FIVE TIMES IN ONE NIGHT listed on NY Mag’s Top To Do list of Twenty-five things to see, hear, watch, and read.

Performers Dylan Dawson and Darcy Fowler make an endlessly appealing duo, … do full justice to [Chiara Atik's] writing on stage, proving themselves agile performers in the process.” - Curtain Up

“Dawson and Fowler are pitch-perfect light comedy players, both in a very big way ready for prime time.” - Aisle Say

““Darcy Fowler and Dylan Dawson are both scene-stealingly good.” - Stage Buddy

“Fowler can be seen practically bouncing with delight between scenes, her energy and charm spreading cheer and goodwill throughout the theater, while Dawson is clearly having a ball as well.” - This Week in New York

 “Dylan Dawson and Darcy Fowler transform themselves completely into each character, from biblical scholar to juice cleanse yuppie, with expert skill.” - Charged Fm

“This brief collection also showcases the considerable skills of its two-person cast, Dylan Dawson and Darcy Fowler. Throughout, Dawson and Fowler change personas as deftly as they switch costumes.” - Lighting and Sound America

“Together, [Dawson and Fowler] share a delightful chemistry that transcends millennia and genres.” - Theater Scene




Reviews for my play “The Science Of Stars and Fathers and Daughters”

“Darcy Fowler’s play is wholly gratifying…” - The New York Times

“Arguably the most successful of the five is The Science of Stars and Fathers and Daughters…The playwright, Darcy Fowler, understands that showing is better than telling, and she reveals volumes about both characters with a striking economy of means.”  - Lighting and Sound America

“If by the end you have a few tears in your eyes, well you’re not the only one.” – Artswire Weekly

“This piece is an endearing greatest hits collection of the human condition.” nytheater now





The Science of Stars and Fathers and Daughters

Come see my short play in the Ensemble Studio Theatre Marathon

Directed by

Linsay Firman

Starring Michael Cullen and Emma Galvin





“Like Sunday Like Rain” out in theaters





Come see this really cool play I’m in. It’s the next mainstage production at Ensemble Studio Theatre.

Five Times in One Night


A new play by Chiara Atik

Directed by RJ Tolan*

2 actors

5 stories

1 sexy night.

Featuring Dylan Dawson & Darcy Fowler*

Performances Feb 12 – March 14


@ Ensemble Studio Theatre

549 W 52nd St, New York, New York 10019